Do hot springs (fountains ) lead to healing?


The hot spring or thermal spring is a place where hot water is constantly flowing out of the ground and some of these springs are used for therapeutical purpose because of the high percentage of mineral water dissolved in some of these springs. Dr. Hassan Akbari, a researcher at the Iranian Journal of Orthopedic Medicine, says the health benefits of fountains are in the heat that they reach into the body because the cells in the body need energy and heat to work better. The warmth of the water makes the muscles relax. Exposure of heat to the patient’s veins increases blood in the body and provides more oxygen to the cells. Also, the expansion of the capillaries through the heat of the water enhances the nervous response and provides the necessary heat conduction, the exchange of materials in Accelerates the body’s cells and eliminates muscle tiredness and relaxation in the nervous system. Suppose someone is suffering from rheumatism and knee swelling due to inflammation and reduced immune system in that area. If you get good energy to the immune cells, their performance improves and the pains and inflammation are lowered, which is why the women of the ages who have knee pain or Arthritis or rheumatism, Use of hot springs is recommended.   The health of the soul and body is guaranteed by providing adequate energy to the cells of the body through hot springs provided that the toxic vapors (sulfur) and their chemicals are at least. It should also be noted that the repetition and continuous use of this type of inorganic water should be avoided, so the body can match the ions. People with heart failure, infectious diseases, or extensive open wounds should not use hot springs and should take care when they are used. It is advisable to consult your physician before taking any kind of treatment and learn about the amount of salts in the springs prior to using them to improve the treatment and prevent possible complications.

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