In fact, medical tourism is the most common and sensitive sub-branch of health tourism. This trip is generally used to treat illness or surgery, or to checkup the health of the tourist in clinics and hospitals in the country with high medical facilities and appropriate treatment costs. Medical tourism or health tourism is the most sensitive type of tourism among all types of tourism. Because it is directly related to the lives and health of the tourist. Although many of the world’s tourist destinations today offer health tourism services to make money, but surely the ability of a country in medical science and health services, unlike recreational and sports tourism, is not something to be done simply by making and spending money. The presence of experienced physicians, medical history, the availability of therapeutic and supervisory infrastructure, the existence of standard hospitals and clinics, complete and up-to-date medical equipment, and the existence of medical rules and supervisory are one of the major healthcare infrastructure of a country, so that it can In the next step, the integration of residential services and tourism activities will work in the field of health tourism. It should be noted that Iran country has a thousand years history of medicine and also Iranian doctors have always been known internationally.

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