. Getting a visa from the Islamic Republic of Iran for the patient and relatives

. Transfer of patients and relatives from the entrance (ground or air) to the place of residence

. Reservation of hotel or hotel apartment according to the patient’s taste and companionship

. Acceptance of a hospital and the provision of a health plan for providing the patient with the required health care in the best hospitals

. Provision for patient care during admission and recovery at the request of the patient

. Co-ordination regarding patient clearance and obtaining instructions for recovery

. Provide a summary of the patient’s case and prepare a hospital bill

. Providing medicines and equipment needed by the patient

. Transfer the patient to the treatment centers and hospitals

. Provide a translator in the requested language of the patient

. Provide facilities for post-treatment counseling

. Perform other patient health requirements according to request

. Providing VIP services in each case at the patient’s request

. Setting in-town and tourism and pilgrimage tours individually or in groups as requested by patients and companions

. Coordinating the return of the patient to their home country after receiving the required services